About us

A little introduction to our worldschooling/unschooling family…

We are an worldschooling/unschooling family of 5, consisting of Juul (33), Chabeli (36), the oldest child Tomas (9), the middle child Sara ( 7) and the youngest Lisa (3).

Our home base at this moment is The Netherlands. As a family, we have been traveling since Tomas was 8 weeks old. Our first trip was to Rome, Italy. We take a few trips a year, sometimes small and sometimes big. In 2017/2018 we spent almost 4 months abroad. In February 2020 we plan on taking one year off to travel to Australia and Asia. And by summer 2021 we hope to have become a fulltime traveling family (until we get tired of it, get to sick to travel, are all out of money or find our dream place to settle down).


worldschooling/unschooling family in New Mexico
New Mexico, winter 2015


The trips we made as a family so far

The four of us…

In 2009 we had our first family trip when Tomas was 8 weeks old. We went to Rome (Italy) and Vatican City and later to Spain and France. In July 2010 we spent a few days at the Belgium coast, travelled to Switzerland and Germany and spent a weekend at a cabin in the Netherlands. 2011: Sara was born so we travelled less. We went to Spain, France and Germany. The summer of 2012 we visited Spain again with a short trip to Gibraltar. After christmas we took a little trip to Frankfurt (Germany). In 2013 was our first USA road trip through Georgia and Florida. We it so much, we decided to do a summer trip in 2014. We travelled from Vancouver (Canada) through Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and camped in National Parks. After, we flew to Spain for a little family vacation. In October we travelled to Denmark and Germany and took our niece with us. It was fun!

All of us…

Lisa was born in 2015 so we travelled a little less in summer. In October we went to Barcelona (Spain) and in December Lisa had her first USA road trip. We travelled trough Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas this time. In 2016 we lived a nomad life between the Netherlands and our mobile home in Belgium. We went to Madrid (Spain) twice to visit family. In July we visited Paris and Disneyland and camped with other HS families in the Netherlands. The year 2017 we have been to a lot of fun places: Barcelona (Spain) and Andorra in Spring, and a festival in The Netherlands. During summer we camped with other HS families again and visited our grandmother in the south of the Netherlands. From there we went to Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria and back to Germany before coming home. It was a little history tour based on our interest in the WW II of that moment. We had fun and learned so much! In October we packed our bags for a four month stay in the USA, Mexico and Cuba. 2018 started in the USA. From there, we went to Mexico and Cuba. In April/May 2018 we went go to Germany and Austria. And in summer we travelled through Europe, visiting about 11 countries in 7 weeks.


worldschooling/unschooling family rocky mountains
Winter at the Rockies – 2015

Hello! I am the mother of the three little travel rebels. As a child, I spent almost every summer vacation in Spain, where my parents are from. We would visit family or later our own house. Although I loved those times in Spain, I knew I wanted to see more of the world after visiting Morocco once. All those colours, that culture … I wanted more!

So at the age of 17 I started travelling. To Sweden, Greece, Germany, France, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos when I was 22. After, I went to the United States and studied there for 6 months. Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and smaller places like Vatican City, Andorra, Gibraltar (in random order) are all countries I visited in the last 18 (!) years of travelling.

worldschooling/unschooling family Mount Reinier
Mount Reinier, summer 2014

Hello all! I did not travel much before meeting Chabeli. I mostly went to festivals or camping with family or friends. After spending time in the USA for the first time I really got the travel bug. Seeing all that great, wide nature, the different landscapes, that beautiful wildlife within reach…it really impressed me. I am excited to hit the road again for longer periods of time and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer.

worldschooling/unschooling family Rocky Mountain NP
Rocky Mountain NP – 2017

Hello! My name Tomas, the oldest of the Little Travel Rebels. I am 9 years old and love to travel, although I do get a little homesick sometimes. Besides traveling I also love football, Pokemon and playing with Nerf (check my youtube channels on Pokemon and Nerf!) Since I was a baby I have been to quite some countries already! I especially like the USA and Mexico and can’t wait to go back there again.



worldschooling/unschooling family wildlife, rookie mountains
Wildlife near the Rockies – 2017

Hi, nice of you to visit our page. My name is Sara and I am 7 years old. Although I miss my family and friends when we are away, I do love our little travel adventures! I also love horses and wildlife.

So far, I have been to about 20 different countries. And I hope we will visit more in the near future. I really loved Mexico and horseback riding in Cuba.


worldschooling/unschooling family Antelope island SP
Antelope Island SP – 2017

Hey there! So I am the youngest. I am 3 years old, so I did not yet get the chance to travel as much as my brother and sister. But I still managed to catch a few trips! I have been to about 18 different countries 🙂, My first trip on a airplane was to Spain when I was three months old. It was a tryout for the next trip a month later an day first overseas flight: 5 weeks of travel around Denver, Colorado.

Sometimes it is a bit confusing to me why we are not at home, but once I am used to a new place I enjoy all the great things we are doing and seeing!


Our Big Adventure

As a worldschooling/unschooling family we believe that the world is our classroom. There is so much to learn and experience by being out there, meeting other people, families, learning about other cultures, languages, history, nature, wildlife… We therefore plan to see so much more of the world!  In 2020 we plan on taking one year off to travel to Australia/NZ and Asia. In 2021 we intend to become a full-time travelling family. We plan on traveling Europe the first year, Canada/Alaska/USA the second year, South America for a year or two and then we will see where life takes us. Or we might find our own little corner of the world somewhere and decide to settle down for half the year and travel the other half. Who knows! We like to leave things open a bit.


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