We are a family of unschoolers. Learning happens naturally through our daily live, by doing the things we love. We find inspiration everywhere! The world is our playground! Not only our three children, but also us parents learn so much from traveling the world, meeting new people, exploring other cultures and learning new languages.

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    7 Weeks of Europe: week 2

    It’s all relative(s)! After a great first week of travels, our second week in Spain we met up with yet more cousins. Some we hadn’t seen in about 17 years, others in even 30! But still it was so nice and great fun to be reunited again. On monday we first brought our car to the garage to have our car window fixed. We then went to the local market and bought churros (again). Our cousin Gabri spend the whole day with us. We met his mother later at the beach and in the evening we met another cousin. On Tuesday we were mostly around the home waiting to pick…

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    13 Reasons why travel as a family

        Traveling as a family…stressful or fun? At times it can be both, but for us traveling as a family is most of all fun! We enjoy our little and big adventures around the world. Close to home or far away, short or long trips, traveling has been wonderful. Besides being mostly fun, traveling is great for other reasons too. In this blogpost we outline thirteen reasons why travel as a family (in random order). Thirteen reasons why travel as a family   1. Traveling broadens your mind You get to see and experience other cultures and ways of living. By staying with locals in Cuba, we got to…

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    Learning from the world: worldschooling

        Three years ago we decided to take our kids from school. Tomas was 6,5 years old and was almost 2,5 years in school. Sara just turned 4 and had been going to school for almost 6 months. As we grew unhappy with the system and the children were miserable at school, we became desperately ready for homeschooling and more in particular worldschooling. We wanted our children to learn from the world instead of from an artificial environment, sitting behind a desk all day.   Homeschooling in The Netherlands Unfortunately, in The Netherlands we have this strange law regarding home education. In our situation it meant we had to…

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    5 tips for planning your trip to Yellowstone

    So in our last post we wrote about our trip to Yellowstone NP. Well, actually we didn’t get to Yellowstone due to bad planning. Although we had a great time at Jackson, Utah and at the Grand Teton NP, we did not get to visit Yellowstone. Which was the whole reason of our road trip.  To safe you from making the same mistakes we did, we’ll give you 5 tips for planning a successful trip to Yellowstone NP. Where did we go wrong? You can read more about it here, but to sum it up for you: We did not plan our trip well enough before leaving. We took the shortest…

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    Hello world!

    Travel adventures Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web. We would like to take you with us on our little travel adventures around the world. As an unschooling and world schooling family, we believe that the world offers us so many opportunities to learn and so many beautiful things see and people to meet. We gladly enjoy these opportunities! What do we stand for? We believe in travel for everyone. Responsible, low-budget, child and family friendly, easy travels. We like to make this possible for others too! How? By providing you with tips for travel destination, means of transportation, budget tips, ideas on how to organise and…