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Here you can read all about travel in the United States. We travelled through almost half of all the states of the USA. Mostly by car, but also by train and airplane. We share tips and tales here!

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    10 Things you need to know when traveling with Amtrak trains

    Since we had good experiences traveling by train in Europe, we thought it would be nice to try this to travel through the USA. We don’t really like flying or driving to much so the train would make a good alternative to pass all those miles. We wrote all about our adventures on traveling by Amtrak trains from New Orleans to Washington D.C. here and like to share our wisdom with you guys. Make sure to learn these things before traveling by train through the USA to be fully prepared. Here are 10 tips you need to know to enjoy your Amtrak train travels more: 10 Tips to enjoy your…

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    All Aboard!! Our Amtrak train adventures

    Our adventures on riding the USA rail tracks from NOLA to Washington D.C.   Train travels from New Orleans to Washington D.C. It seemed like a fun idea for our last USA trip: traveling by train from New Orleans to Washington, D.C. We travelled by train last summer through Europe and it was a great experience. The kids played, watched movies and walked around when tired of sitting. Juul was happy  not to drive so we relaxed, read some books, enjoyed the scenery and enjoyed time as a family. So yes, we should do this in the USA also! Keep yourself busy It was not the same though. To save…

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    Countdown to our next trip!

    Only 7 days to go! We started the countdown to our next trip: in seven days we will take off for almost 6 weeks of travel through the United States of America, Mexico (Cancun area) and Cuba before returning to the Netherlands at the end of January.   Our plans part one: USA train travel Next Monday we will start our travels. First, we’ll fly from Denver to New Orleans. Here we will stay about three days. From there we will travel to Memphis by train, where we will be about two days. In Memphis we will rent a car for three days and travel to Nashville and back. After this…

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    5 tips for planning your trip to Yellowstone

    So in our last post we wrote about our trip to Yellowstone NP. Well, actually we didn’t get to Yellowstone due to bad planning. Although we had a great time at Jackson, Utah and at the Grand Teton NP, we did not get to visit Yellowstone. Which was the whole reason of our road trip.  To safe you from making the same mistakes we did, we’ll give you 5 tips for planning a successful trip to Yellowstone NP. Where did we go wrong? You can read more about it here, but to sum it up for you: We did not plan our trip well enough before leaving. We took the shortest…

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    Oh no…Yellowstone!

    Road trip to Yellowstone NP…or not? Last weekend we went on a road trip to Wyoming, intending on visiting two amazing national parks; Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. We especially wanted to visit the latter, hoping to catch a glimpse of the astonishing beauty of the landscape and, if we would be really lucky, of some bears before their winter hibernation. Truth must be told, we did not plan our trip well enough. Lets say we were a bit naive and just too inexperienced with these extreme weathers we don’t have back at home. So yeah, we researched the weather before going and looked if there were…