Read all about our travels to Cuba! Our tips for traveling with kids on a budget, tips on how to plan <em>your</em> travels to Cuba, learn what you need to know before visiting this beautiful country, and tips on what places to visit (you will love Trinidad) and fun things to do while there (like horseback riding, snorkelling and swimming in a cave)!

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    How to travel Cuba on a budget (with kids)

    Traveling Cuba with kids Traveling around Cuba with kids can be quite an adventure. It is a beautiful country, full with nature, wildlife, great beaches, music and friendly people. Other than you might expect, traveling in Cuba is not cheap! Especially when you are traveling as a family. In this blogpost we offer you our best 10 budgettips on traveling around Cuba with kids, to make your travels last longer!   10 Budgettips for traveling in Cuba with kids   Travel by public transport or with a shared taxi (Taxi Colectivo) Renting a car in Cuba is really expensive. Unless you are planning on traveling through the whole island in…