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7 Weeks of Europe: week 2

It’s all relative(s)!

After a great first week of travels, our second week in Spain we met up with yet more cousins. Some we hadn’t seen in about 17 years, others in even 30! But still it was so nice and great fun to be reunited again.

On monday we first brought our car to the garage to have our car window fixed. We then went to the local market and bought churros (again). Our cousin Gabri spend the whole day with us. We met his mother later at the beach and in the evening we met another cousin. On Tuesday we were mostly around the home waiting to pick up our car. We visited the hot spring, the kids played in the park, we did some grocery shopping and relaxed a bit. When the car was fixed we picked it up and drove to Villagarcia for a walk at the boulevard.

churros local market caldas de reis
Buying churros at the local market

Hot spring Caldas de Reis
Hot spring Caldas de Reis


Holy city and beautiful dunes

We planned on visiting Santiago de Compostela on wednesday 25th August, the pelgrim holiday. However, we were advised not to, since the city would be too crowded. Also, we plannend on going by bus but that turned out to be way to expensive for all of us. We decided therefore to go the next day and visit the Dunes instead. As a kid I had been there before. I had great memories of running of the Dunes after climbing them and then heading to the beach. However, that was more than 30 years ago and in the meantime things have changed. The dunes are now a protected area, meaning you can visit them but not walk on them. And the beach is about half hour of walking from there! Although we understand and respect nature, we were pretty disappointed. It kind of takes away the magic. So instead we walked half an hour in the heating sun to be rewarded with a gorgeous beach! After all that walking it was decided we would definitely stay all day ๐Ÿ˜

sand dunes galicia
Las Dunas

Long walk to the beach!

Still not there…

Cousins walking together

On thursday we went to Santiago. It was good we did not go the day before, since we already felt it was quite crowded. We walked around in the old centre, visited the cathedral and bought some tasty souvenirs.

Santiago de Compostela
Crowded Santiago de Compostela

Porto in one day

On friday we made a trip to Porto in Portugal. Our initial plan was to spent the weekend in Portugal and drive up to Lisbon, but the kids were having such a great time with their cousins we decided to save Lisbon for another trip. We mostly walked around the beautiful Ribeira and enjoyed the nice food and sunny weather. It was really so nice there, that we felt sorry not having more time to see more. 

Porto Ribeira
Beautiful Porto!

Porto Ribeira

Porto Ribeira
Just hanging in Porto

In the evening we met up with cousin Gabri again, for another sleeping party at our place. The kids are having such a great time, they are definitely not ready to leave on monday!

Packing up

The weekend we spent shopping some foods and wine we wanted to take home, packing our bags and saying goodby to family. On sunday we visited Festa do Carneiro o Espeto in my mother’s birth town. I do not remember ever having seen something like that. It was quite an experience! My sister felt kind of shocked to see al those dead animals there, so publicly. Although I must admit that it felt really awkward at first, it also felt raw and honest. I mean, that’s what it is if you are a meat-eater right? You eat dead animals, so why not see them for what they are? The kids were intrigued with all of it. I think Lisa did not like it very much, she is a real animal- and plantlover and was sad to see all those dead animals there. For all of them it was a real unschooling/worldschooling experience.

Festa do carneiro o espeto 2018
Festa do carneiro o espeto

Later in the evening we met our most close cousins to say goodbye. Oh I really do not like this part! The kids are really sad that we are leaving, and want to come back next year. We will see if we can fit this into our travel plans :).

And yet more cousins!


And then it was time to pack our last things, clean the house and go to sleep early. The next day we would travel further to Durango, to spend there two days before traveling further to France. However, although we did not yet know this, the next day nothing would go according to plan. We were in for some adventure!

Read our next blog to know what happened the next days…

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