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7 weeks of Europe: week 1

Reconnecting with friends and family

Our first week of our Europe summer road trip has been foremost about meeting with old friends and familymembers. It is amazing seeing these people after years like time has not passed. Only some added wrinkles and dates on calenders tell us the truth: we have all grown older.

Driving from the Netherlands to Spain

Entertainment on the road

On sunday evening we left in two cars. Our first destination was Durango in Spain. It took us about 20 hours to get there. It was hard to fight the sleep during night and it was hard in the hot sun during the day. We had to take a lot of stops to rest. We also hit some bad traffic in France, causing us extra delay. Oh and haveway through our car window got loose. Something inside had broken, leaving our window permanently open. Great time to start raining hard!! We had to stop to tape the window shot (halleluja for tape!). The closed window was nice for the five minutes that it rained but was a challenge during the hot sun hours (did I mention our car does not have AC?). Ah well, we managed great after all 😉

In Durango we have a dear friend that feels part of our family. We ate together, went for a walk and coffee and kids played for a while. Then we slept to rest for the next traveling day. On Tuesday we left Durango to travel to our next destination: Caldas de Reis. A small town where my grandmother owns an apartment. She was also here, visiting from the Netherlands, so we met her there after an hour or 8 of driving.

Family, family and family

After unpacking, we also met our cousin with her family. How nice meeting her 8 year old son, who greatly connected with Tomás. They played eventhough they don’t speak the same language. All they needed was a ball and a shared interest in football 😁. The first week we met other cousins (my mother has a lot of them!) and visited my grandmother’s identical twin sister at her farm. It has been a little trip back in time!

Cousins having fun together

Hot springs, waterfalls and lots of food

Besides meeting with family, we did lots of other stuff too. It’s amazing how much you can do squeeze in one week!

We bathed in the town’s natural hot springs. The water is amazing and nourturing! We visited my uncle’s grave. We went shopping in Pontevedra when it rained. We visited my cousin’s farm, where she gave us a tour, remembered great times and ate a lot of cookies. We passed a super scary hanging bridge, where my sister got stung by something unknown that caused an allergic reaction. When the swelling got worse she needed a shot.

We went to a beautiful waterfall. The water was cold! But we swam anyways, it was so much fun! We went to the beach a few times, visited a market nearby, ate churros with hot chocolate and hiked to another more deserted waterfall. We had great seafood and the kids played with other kids and cousins learning more Spanish.

We did it!

It has been a wonderful week!

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