7 weeks of Europe

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Preparing our family summer trip

In a few days we will hit the road again. This time we will go on a 7 week family summer road trip through 9 European countries. Well, the kids and I will. During our 6th travel week Juul will fly home 5 days for work. It will be the first time ever to be apart for that long, so it is kind of exciting (in both a good and not good way). My mother will come and join us those 5 days, so we’ll manage just fine. Poor Juul working while we lay on the beach!


9 Countries in 7 weeks

Our plan is to visit 9 countries in 7 weeks:


In Spain we will visit friends and family, and some places we haven’t been before. We will stay mostly at the north and west coast. In Portugal we plan on visit Porto and Lisbon. After a day or two Spain again, we will travel to the south of France, to Monaco and then northern Italy. We plan on staying a few days by some lake and visite Venice. Then Slovenia a few days, Zagreb in Croatia for a day or two, then the coast from north to somewhere around Split. Juul will fly from Zagreb and come back to Split. After we pick him up, we will go towards Sarajevo with a stop or two on the way. After a couple of days in Sarajevo (where Juul will attend a conference while again, we have fun) we will drive home passing first Prague on our way.


Where to stay

We like to travel as low-budget as possible. Our stay in Spain will be with friends and family, so we will not pay for accommodation. The other 5 weeks we plan on camping in our mini-camper. Our goal is to wild-camp as much as possible. It’s kind of exciting, since we haven’t done it before. But we are really flexible, so if it somehow doesn’t feel right, we will just book a campground somewhere.

In Sarajevo we will stay in an apartment in the city to make it easier for Juul to attend the conference.


converting a Fiat Doblo into a minicamper
Our mini-camper


If you like to know more on wildcamping, here are some reading suggestions:



How we prepare

First, we planned the destinations and timeframe for our summer travel. We already decided that we would drive and stay in our mini-camper for most of the time. For the last week we booked an apartment through*. It is really cheap there, I think our apartment was about 50 US dollars for a week!

Then, we completed our mini-camper. Pictures will follow with our next blogpost! We already proof-camped in May, but the conversion was not complete yet. We wanted to try it out first, see if we were comfortable enough sleeping 5 in our car. It passed the test and this summer we are going all the way! 🙂


Some other stuff we do:

  • Go grocery shopping for the long trip to Bilbao, Spain (our first stop) and things we need during our travels (like contact lenses and head phones)
  • Get a house sitter
  • Update our finances
  • Check the car to make sure it’s good to go
  • Pack our camping gear and clothes
  • Pack a small backpack with toys and such for the kids
  • Download some films on iPad and iPhones
  • Check if our insurances are up to date
  • Get travel guides for our destinations.


We especially like to read books on our iPhone, so we don’t have to carry to many things with us. I use the Amazon Kindle app for e-books I get with my Amazon Prime membership. I also read with Kindle Unlimited. For Prime day Kindle Unlimited has a special offer (only until July 17!!) where you can get 3 months of unlimited reading for only 0,99 US dollars! (you can unsubscribe at any time).



If we do want some hard copy books, we make sure to check the local library before we buy any.

The last thing we do before we leave is pack our mini-camper and make sure we have disconnected all the electrics (we don’t have that much), thrown out all the garbage, closed all windows and emptied the fridge. And we double check our essentials (passports, credit- and debit cards, insurance papers/cards, glasses, keys, car papers, etc.). After that, we are good to go!


Just 4 more days to go!


Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels


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*If you book anything on through this link, we both get 25 US dollars!

** This post contains affiliate links, but only to products we use or support.

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