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world travels architecture old Havana Cuba
Old Havana, Jan 2018

An unschooling, world traveling family…

Well that’s us! We are a unschooling family of five who love to see more of the world and travel as much as we can. Looking for travel tips or just want to be entertained by our stories? You can read all about our little adventures around the world under Travel Tales. Next to these trips we are planning our BIG ADVENTURE: becoming a fulltime traveling family. Soon, we will write more about this on our blog. Keep following us if you want to stay up to date and learn more about how to prepare, plan, organise and finance this lifestyle. Especially if you have plans or dreams of traveling more and just don’t know where to start! Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of this big project? No worries! Step by step you will get there, if that’s what you really want. Just keep reading and we will tell you all about our experiences.

We will also provide you more information on traveling and different destinations soon! We have great information on how to prepare your (family) travels to Cuba and how to get most our of your visit.

Other things we love…

Besides traveling, we love music, movies, series, food, series and a lot more! Don’t be surprised to find references to this on our pages.

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